Zero Fee Scheme

Zero Fee Scheme


The Zero Fee Scheme will allow researchers to trial new techniques or to undertake pilot studies that will then enable them to be more competitive with grant applications. If the outcome of the pilot study is successful it is expected that the study will form the basis for a larger EM-based grant application.

Entitlement of the award:

An approved zero-fees pilot study will not incur electron microscope usage charges. Consumables will still be charged. If the pilot study is from a non-Club Member department, technical support time will still be charged. Microscope usage hours will contribute to Club Model fees.


Applicants must be a staff member of the University of Otago.

Closing Dates:

Researchers are invited to submit a zero-fees pilot study proposal at any time during the year. There is no set closing date.

Terms and Conditions:

If a researcher applies for a zero-fees pilot scheme and has been previously successful with this scheme, they are required to provide evidence of the previous projects outcome. This includes how the zero-fees scheme supported grant applications, how successful was the scheme in leveraging grants and resulting publications and presentations.

The Chair of the Management Committee and the Technical Manager will jointly approve and oversee applications. At times of high workload within the OCEM the charge projects will take priority over pilot scheme projects.

Application Form for the Zero Fee Scheme

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