File Server

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Before you can download your files from our server you must obtain a password from a member of Microscopy Otago's staff.

Files on our server are protected by a RAID drive to guard against hardware failure, but it is your reponsibility to back your files up elsewhere. This is common sense data protection and should be done as a matter of course. Ideally, your backup files should not be in the same location as your original files.

Please Note: The Microscopy Server is a transition zone to allow you to move your files to another location, it is not a permanent storage area. We simply do not have the capacity to store everyone's files until the end of time.

If your data is as valuable as you think it is then take steps to move it off the server and make multiple backups of it. Do not expect us to have a copy of your data if you return in five years because you've lost your one and only copy stored on your iPod.

Note, this server access works with Firefox, but not with Safari which doesn't seem happy with ftp. It may work with Internet Explorer but then who knows? Not much else works well with it, so why should this?

TEM SEM Confocal and LM Server Access

Enter your user login and name in the boxes below. This will take you to your folder on the server, no other folders will be accessible.