Project Registration

Project Registration Form

Before you can use be trained to use any of the equipment in the facility, or begin a new project, you must complete a Project Registration form. This includes projects involving transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), ultramicrotomy sectioning, specimen prepartion, or supply of liquid nitrogen.

Although this seems like yet another bureaucratic adventure, it provides an opportunity to check your project is viable, discuss costs and health and safety issues. The data we collect is put to good use as it's used as part of major equipment applications and annual reports to monitor the performance of the facility. The facilites and expertise of the staff are available to anyone at the University of Otago and beyond. Please feel free to contact any of the staff members for advice before you begin a project. If we can't help you we will know who can.

Before submitting your project registration you must read the OCEM User Policy. Upon submitting the registration you will be asked to attend a meeting to discuss the requirements of a new project with a staff member of the OCEM. It is expected that the lead supervisor or principle investigator attend at least the first meeting along with the student or research staff member.

The new investigator (the student or staff member who will be using the equipment) must attend an OCEM induction. OCEM inductions are held at 1100-1130 on the first Wednesday of every month. New users will meet the OCEM staff and watch a short powerpoint with essential information about the OCEM. If you need to use liquid nitrogen during your project please let us know and we can organise an LN2 training session to take place immediately after the induction.

For internal users (staff and students of the University of Otago) please fill out the:

For external users (for projects affiliated with businesses or people outside the University of Otago) please fill out the: