Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen Generator

The OCEM operates a liquid nitrogen generator that supplies the South campus.

Charges for Liquid Nitrogen

Contributing Departments*$2.50 per litre
Other University Departments$3.50 per litre
Non-University/External Users$5 per litre

*Contributing departments are those who have financially contributed to purchasing the LN2 generator. These departments consist of the OCEM, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, and Pharmacy.

Liquid Nitrogen Safety Instructions and Emergency Response Plan

Those intending to use LN2 must undergo a training session and be familiar with the associated hazards. Training will include the safe handling of LN2 and the appropriate emergency procedures involved. Please see below for our safety requirements for working with liquid nitrogen.

LN2 Training Guide

Liquid Nitrogen Safety Instructions and Emergency Response Plan

Liquid Nitrogen Generator room and OCEM contacts

Liquid Nitrogen dispensing assistance and training
Gillian Grayston
Phone: extension 7301

Liquid Nitrogen Generator room equipment, supervision and faults
Richard Easingwood
Phone: extension 7301 or 021 222 4759


Allan Mitchell OCEM Technical Manager
Phone: extension 5642 or 021 279 5642