Cost Estimates

Contact OCEM staff to help determine the likely costs of your project. The final cost is dependent upon many factors such as:

  • Good planning (knowing what to expect before starting the investigation).
  • Knowing your sample (the time taken to find the information you are looking for - often under-estimated).
  • The number of samples you prepare at any one time (very important).
  • If you become distracted by new questions as your investigation proceeds.

  • If you are a student you may want to consider applying for EM Student Research Award which grants students up to 15 hours of free microscopy time.

    Confocal Microscopy and ÁCT Projects

    See http://occm/equipment-occm.html for confocal costing details.

    Electron Microscopy Projects

    The OCEM charging system is currently being reviewed as all of the University's imaging facilities are being merged into one centre. If you have any enquiries about potential costs for future projects please contact Allan Mitchell at

    For account enquiries contact Allan Mitchell at or Maria Chapman at