Online Booking Calendars

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You can book most of our equipment online if you are registered on our database.

If you are registered and cannot log on to the booking calendar, please email Andrew McNaughton or phone 7308

To book time log in using your user name and password. User name is the first letter of your first name and your surname as in: John Smith becomes JSmith. Note: your logon name is case sensitive.

For the major equipment you can go directly to their calendars to book time by using the links below. For other equipment, use the 'All Calendars' link to see the full list of calendars

Note: If you use less time than you have booked, please adjust your booking accordingly as other people may be able to make use of the time.

Please do not book other people to use the equipment or log them on to the equipment itself. Well, you can if you want, but be prepared to pay for any damage they cause through inexperience - your call.

Equipment Calendar Links

Using the Calendars

Choose the appropriate link from the equipment list shown above.

Log in with your username and password (your name is case-sensitive, so write is as 'AName' not 'aname') and then double click the time you want.

Fill in your name and start/stop times in the box which appears.

If you change your mind you can log in again and edit the time, or delete it.