Monthly Microscopy Meeting

The next meeting is at 9:00AM Thursday the 26th of October in the seminar room of the Benham (Zoology) building. The OCEM intends to purchase an SEM to bring new capabilities to the unit. In order to decide on the optimal configuration, we have organised several presentations by providers. This month we will hear from Ian Cotton from Hitachi (Canada), and from Graeme Jones from NewSpec (Australia).

There will also be a sales presentation at 1.00PM on Thursday the 26th October in the Hunter Centre (seminar room TBC).

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Cryo-EM Workshop

Short Introduction to cryo-electron microscopy.
1030AM on Monday the 24th July and Tuesday the 1st of August 2017.
Room 207, Microbiology building. Enquires to

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Paper of the Month

Miles, L.A., Burga, L.N., Gardner, E.E., Bostina, M., Poirier, J.T. and Rudin, C.M. (2017) Anthrax toxin receptor 1 is the cellular receptor for Seneca Valley virus. The Journal of Clinical Investigation,

Seneca Valley Virus

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EM Student Award Applications Close 1st September 2017

Undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled at the University of Otago are welcome to apply for the Electron Microscopy Student Research Award. The award provides 15 hours of electron microscopy time and aims to advance the initiation of new research projects that utilise electron microscopy. The deadline for applications is the 1st of September 2017. For more details visit the EM Student Award Webpage.

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